ABC’s & 123’s

A is for Alcohol

B is for Berries

C is for Crock Pot Lasagna

D is for Dehydrator

E is for Egg

F is for Fructose

G is for Gingersnaps, Glutathione

H is for Household Chemicals and Hydogen Peroxide

I is for Indoor Air Quality

J is for Just Tomatoes, Just Peas, Just a Healthier Snack

K is for Kids with Food Allergies and Kindermusik

L is for Lollipop, Lactic Acid

M is for Mitochondrial Disease

N is for Nitrates (in processed Meats)

O is for Organic

P is for Planet Box

Q is for Quinoa

R is for Rest and Relaxation

S is for Salicylate

T is for Tantrums

U is for Urine

V is for Vaccine

W is for Water

X is for Xanthan Gum

Y is for whY?

Z is for Zzzzzz 2011


50 Baby(food)Steps You Can Take NOW!

Step 1- Ketchup

Step 2- Yogurt

Step 3- Milk

Step 4- Eggs

Step 5-Peanut Butter

Step 6- Jam and Jelly

Step 7 – Cake Mix

Step 8- Icing 

Step 9-Food Coloring

Step 10- Maple Syrup

Step 11- Hot Dogs

Step 12-Pudding

Step 13- Salt

Step 14- Snack Bars

Step 15- Sports Drinks

Step 16- Baking Powder

Step 17



8 Responses to ABC’s & 123’s

  1. Michele says:

    So I’m new to all this healtier alternatives stuff. Appreciate your information on the eggs.
    Where can you find the grass-fed beef? And chicken, turkey, etc for that matter? I’ve heard cage free isn’t much better than non-cage free. I hate the thought of all the antibiotics, chemicals, etc being in my kids food (and we eat meat, lots of it! especially turkey and chicken). I’m not interested in becoming a vegan or anything, just looking for some healthier alternatives.
    Thanks for your help!

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