I am not a medical professional, Please understand that I am simply trying to relate my family’s experiences for any value that it may have to others. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I have no medical training whatsoever, therefore everything and anything that you read on this blog should not be taken for medical advice and any change you make to your diet or medicine should be discussed with your doctor.

I do not claim to be 100% accurate or correct about anything posted on this site. This is not authoritative medical advice. Some topics may include opinions, advice, theories, and more that could be incorrect, untrue, or even harmful or fatal to certain individuals.

I am an affiliate, which means I earn a percentage of sales from any products that I sell through

I sell products by discussing them, reviewing them, and sometimes promoting them by placing Amazon links or widgets on this blog. I sometimes post Amazon banner advertisements and product banners as well.

I am a fan of because of their great prices and honest customer reviews posted on their product pages. I enjoy being an Amazon affiliate and I personally shop on

I am a Baby’s First Test Consumer Task Force Member and am supported by a grant from the Baby’s First Test project. Baby’s First Test is funded through a cooperative agreement with the Health Resource and Service Administration (HRSA), Grant no. U36MC16509, Quality Assessment of the Newborn Screening System.


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