In January 2012, I was chosen as a member of a 10 person Consumer Task Force on Newborn Screening for, to promote awareness about newborn screening.

This page will be a resource for all I learn about~


and how it saves baby’s lives, each and every day.


 by Baby Food Steps (about NBS):

Five Hundred Fifty Five Feet (Recap of Baby’s First Test Awareness Project)

10 Fingers, 10 Toes, 10 FACTS about Newbornscreening YOU need to KNOW!

What is Newborn Screening?

What is SACHDNC?

What I learned about Newborn Screening at SACHDNC

Supplemental Sceening Resources

Texas Born: Newborn Screening in the Lone Star State Blog Series, Sept 2012


Check Out Babyfoodstep’s videos here on YouTube.

This is a wonderful You Tube playlist by Baby’s First Test



Babys First Test

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