#1min4mito Week 6: Highest Incidence of Metabolic Diseases

(please forgive us, we are a few weeks behind and trying catch up!!)

This one floors me. Really floors me.

As many of you know over the past few years I have become a HUGE advocate for Newborn Screening.  Metabolic conditions are at the top of the list for disorders that can be screened for at birth and detected in just a few drops of blood from a newborn’s heel. If changes are made to the babies diet, vitamins or medication the baby can live a healthy life, without this screening and knowledge the baby may suffer irreversible brain damage or worse, death.

Of all these metabolic conditions, many of them occur much LESS OFTEN than MITO, yet they have been on the NBS panel for many years. Yet, even being the most common  (highest incidence) congenital metabolic condition, only a few types of MITOCHONDRIAL disorders are tested for at birth. It is my hope that I will see (in my lifetime) universal newborn screening for ALL types of MITOCHONDRIAL disease for NEWBORNS- so treatment, avoidance of compounds that may harm mito babies, and early intervention can begin immediately.

You can read the source article here, which this QUOTE was taken from.



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