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This is a repository of articles linking~

Mitochondrial Disease,

Dysfunction, Disorder and Autism:

MitoAction’s Roadmap to MitoAutism

Atuism and OXPHOS Article by Alyssa Davi

Autism and OXPHOS Article by Alyssa Davi Part 2

Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders:a systematic review and meta-analysis

Mitochondrial physiology and autism spectrum disorder

Bridging the Gap Between ASD and Mito by Dr. Kendall

Mitochondrial disease in autism spectrum disorder patients: a cohort analysis

Complex Child: Mito Plus

Biomarkers of Abnormal Energy Metabolism in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Dr. Frye (click PDF in red for full text)

Autism and Mitochondrial Disease Dr. Haas


Six Webinar series by Cleveland Clinic on Metabolic, GI and Neurologic Co-Morbidities of AUTISM here.


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