Supplemental Newborn Screening

Because each state does not screen babies for all the tests recommended at the national level… you should find out what your state screens for and consider supplemental screening for an extra measure of protection, to know that your baby has been screened for all that is available and recommended.

According to Baby’s First Test:

Additional screening, also known as supplemental screening, refers to additional testing that can be performed after participating in your state’s newborn screening program. While each state screens for many conditions, there are more conditions that can be detected at birth. It is recommended that all babies be screened for all conditions on the RUSP, which currently contains 30 conditions. These conditions are chosen because they are able to be detected by newborn screening and have effective treatments available if caught early. Some of the additional conditions that can be identified by supplemental screening do not necessarily have a good treatment plan available.  If you have more questions about additional screening based on your family history or other health concerns, we recommend that you discuss them with a health care professional. Be sure to ask about what conditions are covered in your state and what additional information this screening may provide. You may also want to contact your insurance company to determine its policy regarding additional screening coverage, since the state program does not pay for additional screening or the follow-up treatment.

Private and nonprofit companies such as those below can provide information about their expanded newborn screening services. Please be aware that the resources listed below are for informational purposes only and do not indicate an endorsement or guarantee any outcomes.

Mayo Medical Laboratories
Mayo Medical Laboratories, the reference laboratory for Mayo Clinic, provides supplemental newborn screening for more than 20 disorders using tandem mass spectrometry. The screening is performed separately from state-mandated screening and does not replace state-mandated screening. The test is performed under the supervision of pediatric geneticists in Mayo’s Biochemical Genetics Laboratory.
Toll free number: 1-800-533-1710

PerkinElmer Genetics, Inc
PerkinElmer Genetics Screening Laboratory provides comprehensive newborn screening through a simple, fast and accurate product, StepOneTM. StepOne Comprehensive Newborn Screening detects more than 50 disorders in newborns from just a few drops of blood. This screening allows parents the opportunity to protect their babies from the preventable complications of undiagnosed disorders.
Toll free number: 1-866-463-6436                                                     Website:

University of Colorado Expanded Newborn Screening Program
The Expanded Newborn Screening Program allows parents to have their babies screened for over 20 additional disorders. Tests are run at the Biochemical Genetics Laboratory University of Colorado Health Sciences Center At Fitzsimons – Aurora, Colorado.
Phone number: 303-724-3826

2M Associates, Inc.
2M Associates, Inc. is associated with The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, (U.S.A.) and provides expanded newborn screening in the U.S., India, the United Arab Emirates, and a number of other countries. All of the samples are processed in U.S. laboratories.
Phone number: 440-498-7484

Baylor Medical Center Institute of Metabolic Disease
This site offers educational material and information on newborn screening disorders. It also includes information on orderingsupplemental newborn screening tests offered at Baylor.
Toll free number: 1-800-422-9567                                                 Website: pages/diseasesandrelatedtests.aspx


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