F is for Fructose

Baby step #1 was all about this topic…specifically High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) but in the few short months since I posted that…I have LEARNED ALOT! Fortunately (or Unfortunately)  I have learned MORE reasons that HFCS is not good for our health and especially not for our children.

I watched this YouTube video recently given by Dr. Lustig of University of San Francisco on the Bitter Truth of Sugar and Fructose. The scariest part of this video was the link he makes between Fructose and ALCOHOL… I would not hand my child a beer, but I, at one time,  unknowingly fed him HFCS in unknown large amounts… which Dr. Lustig likens to the same fault…since he says they are metabolized similarly and cause the body to be overloaded by the stress of detoxification of HFCS/Ethanol solely in the liver. This video REALLY made me stop to think about what a sad state of affairs our countries food industry is in…

I have been following a few bloggers who have been doing this waaaaay longer than I have and ironically this week Kelly the Kitchen Kop posted about HFC and quoted the SAME video I had just watched!! 🙂 You can read what she says about it here. There is also a great interview (podcast) with Kelly and Cheeseslave, two moms who have converted a while ago to REAL FOOD living…I really enjoyed listening to this conversation between two moms who have “been there done that”…. I have alot to learn! I wish I could take her upcoming class to learn more!

Then, today I was reading a book about Healing Autism and it referenced MERCURY in HFCS?? If it wasn’t bad enough that HFCS was super tough to metabolize and potentially toxic to the body…and NOW I learn it may be even more toxic… ugh! Here is a link to the story from Web MD.

Just when I thought things had gotten as bad as they could for HFCS, just as I was ready to hit publish on this blog article…a friend tells me about the ploy by the Corn industry to CHANGE THE NAME of HFCS to CORN Sugar… potentially to confuse people even more! Please don’t be confused… High fructose Corn syrup by any other name is still HFCS and not good for your body…too much sugar PERIOD is not good for your body…so take some baby steps this week with me to see if we can get the sugar OUT…esp HFCS (or corn sugar as it may soon be known!) Our bodies and those of our children will THANK us! 🙂

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4 Responses to F is for Fructose

  1. Milehimama says:

    I just read that the FDA already has a definition for corn sugar, and it’s glucose based (definitely NOT HFCS) so I don’t see how they could let them change!

  2. Donna says:

    This is really scary and on a mainstream site like WebMD. I didn’t hear anything on the news. Oh well maybe not a scary as last night story on the news about radiation in our water.

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