4 of 50 Baby Steps- Eggs

This baby food step “epiphany” came to me while reading the book: In Defense of Food. In this book , Michael Pollan says, “egg yolks are bright orange: What you’re seeing is the beta-carotene from fresh green grass”(in the chicken’s diet). Which got me thinking about buying chicken eggs that were fed mostly grass vs. feed, which led me to the farmers market, which is where I met Dustin, which is what prompted this POST, which is where we buy our eggs from now (and have for about 2 years), which is why when he is not there or when he is sold out (cause he sells out early!), I cringe and buy store-bought eggs…which I believe don’t taste nearly as good…and as you can see below don’t look nearly as bright orange as their supermarket, and other farmer’s market vendor counterparts.  After celebrating my little girl’s birthday yesterday with a 100% Lady A approved menu, we had our fair share of eggs, since this is one allergy/intolerance she doesn not have (knock on wood!)! I have read in a number of places that an egg can provide nearly complete nutrition…which is pretty remarkable for a little oval globe with a hard little shell that can be cooked in so many numerous ways! 🙂 So see for yourself… and do your own, “One of these things is NOT like the other” game in your house! THe BEFORE picture is the cheapest Grade A supermarket egg, the middle is another farmer’s market vendor, and the far right is Dustin’s eggs.


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2 Responses to 4 of 50 Baby Steps- Eggs

  1. Diane says:

    Love this – fresh ,free range eggs are what I consider a “perfect” food.

    Thanks for pointing out the yolk-

    Have you guys tried duck eggs? a bit of strong flavor, but for some things they are better. 🙂

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