A is for Alcohol

A is for… Alcohol and Arginine…  hop on over to www.EmpoweredAdvocacy.com  to learn more about the ABC’s of #Autism

A is for alcohol… but I’m not talking beer or margartas.. let me give you some background first so you know why this is on my radar!!
Lady A was playing calmly and quietly in my closet trying on my shoes and clothes and I was in my adjacent bathroom preparing to remove my nailpolish. A few minutes later she was SCREAMING, Flailing, layingnon the floor, and pretty much flipping out. I stopped and picked her up,we went to the other room, but I could do nothing to calm her down, she was sooo upset and in distress. Her face got bright red and her right eye swelled up a bit and little red dots appeared around her mouth, she also began to cough and have a funny breathing noise that lasted just a min or two. I called our pediatrician and they said to go to the ER, after about 10-20 more minutes she calmed down enough for me to give her some water and a snack. Then I had to go to the bathroom, so I took her with me and the minute we stepped foot in the door, she started reacting again. I quickly removed her from the bathroom and she stopped shortly after. It was then that I realized that she was reacting to my nail polish remover (non-acetone but ALCOHOL based). We did not go to the ER, my husband arrived home from work and we monitored her through the night and she was fine, happy, content and eating well.
My theory was tested accidentally again when my son squirted some hand sanitizer on his hands when we got out of the car, she began to cry and fuss again…for only about a minute or two (again for no apparent other reason…she had been calm), I quickly had him get away from her and we were outside so the air dissapated and she was fine. The sanitizer contained Ethyl Alcohol.
So now we are on a hunt to figure out why our little one is soooo sensitive to alcohol? could she be allergic to it? could it be her body can’t process it? hoping the dr. and mommy and daddy can figure it out soon!


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