E is for Egg

Many months before the largest egg recall in us history, I began buying organic eggs (first (baby) step). After reading this article from my friend Jodi, I made another baby step and decided to buy local. I stareted buying at Katy produce market but the supplier was different every time I went, so I decided to take a tip from the movie “FRESH” and buy local from the source so I could talk to the farmer who grew the food! that is when I discovered Dustin’s eggs at the LaCenterra farmers market.
I have been buying them here for a month now… and we love the eggs! I read in Michael Pollan’s book how eggs laid by free range chickens are higher in essential nutrients- as is evidence by the BRIGHT yellow, orange YOLK!! The good stuff (beta carotene and other Carotenoids) make it that pretty color!
Dustin shared with me another article regarding the Grade A classification found on egg cartons, that was featured here on Yahoo. It all makes you stop and think for a moment… how will all of this monoculture agriculture, affect the generations to come.
In light of the egg recall, monocultural agriculture issues, and higher nutritional value of free range eggs, I am happy that we have made this baby{food}step… for my kiddos and our family’s health. Please join me in SUPPORTING LOCAL!


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5 Responses to E is for Egg

  1. Wendy says:

    Kristi – so true about the eggs, and Dustin has been selling them at the Farmer’s Market since they first opened in 2005. When I sold goat milk for some friends of my mom’s, his booth was next to ours. AMAZINGLY fresh eggs, “egg”cellent quality. It was so funny the first time I made scrambled eggs with them. The yolks are so bright, it almost looked neon! My grandpa loved eating them. He said they reminded him of the taste that food used to have when he was a boy — ACTUAL FLAVOR. YAY for this baby step 🙂

  2. kathy says:

    Kristi–you are such a “good egg”!

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