Z is for Zzzzzzzzzz 2011!

Good Night 2011….. ( I was too busy getting some much needed Zzzzzz’s of my own last night that I didn’t finish this post til today! oops!)

Hello 2012~my hope is that it will be:

  • A year of health
  • A year of happiness
  • A year of learning
  • A year to enlighten
  • A year to encourage others
  • A year to grow in knowledge and understanding
  • A year of more answers than questions
  • and finally…
  • A year to rattle some cages! 🙂

What better “New Year’s Resolution” than to begin your own Baby(food)step journey today!
Don’t vow to loose weight: change the food and the weight will come off!
Don’t vow to try another diet: research the foods that make you feel bad and eliminate them!
Don’t vow to “clean” up the chemicals in your house: just do it and you WILL feel better.

My 2012 challenge for my readers (and myself!):

MAKE ONE baby(food)step change AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK!

One year from now you will have changed at least 52 things in your life…and then those small steps will add up to something BIG!
Who is on board with me?


About Empowered Advocacy

www.EmpoweredAdvocacy.com Pediatric Patient Advocate
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2 Responses to Z is for Zzzzzzzzzz 2011!

  1. Debbie says:

    You know I’m on board…like it or not!!

  2. Melanie says:

    I am… definitely

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