14 of 50 Babysteps- Snack Bars

One thing we have attempted to do around our house as we have baby(food)stepped our way to cleaning out our pantry, is to MINIMIZE the number of ingredients in the products we buy. Ideally everything would be single ingredient foods and we would MAKE everything from scratch… I really wish I could tell you I did that, I would be lying if I said we do that,  it is a goal of mine, but we just are not there yet (babysteps, right!). One switch that we made, though, was replacing these Fiber One snack bars with a 2 ingredient snack bar called a Larabar for those moments when time is just not on my side, but my hunger is! I can grab one of these on the way out the door and stave off my hunger until I can find 20-30 minutes to cook something from scratch.  Larabars contain only a few ingredients, the one in the picture just has NUTS (cashews) and DATES.  I will warn you that if you are not a nut (or date) person, this will be an acquired taste for you, but for me I find them rather tasty! They came in lots of other flavors and you can check them out here.  Or if you are up for a real challenge you can MAKE YOUR OWN… here is one recipe that I have been wanting to try, and includes a NUT FREE OPTION for all my NUT allergy mommas and kids out there!

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