J is for just tomatoes, just peas, just a healthier snack

Snacks have been a tough one for us to find these days…
with a wheat,dairy,and soy free diet for my daughter, quite a few of the standby toddler snacks are quickly crossed of the list… no goldfish crackers ( contain all 3), no cheerios (wheat), no yogurt ( dairy), no pretzels or crackers ( wheat and soy)…..
with our focus on whole foods..with no additives, artificial flavors or colors… I came across a company called Just Tomatoes… who manufactures freeze dried snacks that are simply that… JUST……..(insert fruit or veggie here).
We can find these at HEB and Whole Foods.
We have experimented with a number of them and made our little gal some custom trail mixes… suitable for the toddler crowd!
some of our favorites include:

gluten free pretzels, just peas, okra, and rice chex

just bananas, just mango and rice puffs

just persimmon, rice chex and just peas

While we are also excluding berries and a few other high colored fruits at the moment (due to high salicylate content, more on that

soon!!) our choices are a bit narrow, but the selection is not… check out that display!

There are a few other brands you can try! Our whole foods now has a dried fruit, nuts section. However, one downfall is most of the fruits have added sugar- so we just choose to use them sparingly as a sweet addition to our mix (papaya and pineapple and cantelope are our favorites!)

If you are looking for a bulk alternative, Costco carries a brand of dried fruit in snack pouches with pears, apples, strawberries and bananas (thanks Emma for the reminder!)
Regardless of the brand or the specific fruit or vegtable I pick, my overall goal and baby(food)step has been to find a snack that is healthier for my daughter which doesn’t contain any of her allergy triggers, or any artifical colors or flavors.

One word of caution when buying dried fruit and veggies- avoid brands that contain sulpher dioxide (a gas that is used as a preservative) as some children and adults can react to sulpher containing compounds.

happy and healthy snacking! I would love to hear some of your baby steps in making your kiddos snacks a bit more nutricious!

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One Response to J is for just tomatoes, just peas, just a healthier snack

  1. Kristin says:

    Brothers Freeze Dried fruits are also branded Disney at Toys R Us/Babies R Us. My 2 year old loves them, but we’re a ways away from Costco.

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