11 of 50 Babysteps- Hot Dogs

Back to taking baby(food)steps! We apologize for our hiatus from our 50 Steps posts…lots going on at Babyfoodsteps and unfortunately this project had been on the back burner (no pun intended!). But it is back!

Hot Dogs have long been regarded as All American as Apple Pie and in our home they are a favorite.  When Lady A was younger and had been eating table foods for a while, we struggled to find MEAT that we could give her that she wouldn’t choke on. It seemed no matter how small we chopped it up or shredded it, she just could not chew it enough on her own (we now know this could have had a lot to do with her muscle tone being low and her not having enough energy to run those grinder muscles that she needed, back then). Anyway, hot dogs provided an alternative “soft” chewable meat source for her.

We love the Applegate brand around here because it is “free” of a lot, including hormones and antibiotics. Applegate also caters to those with food allergies, you can check out their allergy search to find a product that is safe for you.   Applegate Hot dogs are also free of nitrates and a whole slew of other chemicals which you can find in other brands (modified food starch , corn syrup solids, sodium diacetate, and sodium erythorbate to name a few!). Applegate also has beef, chicken and turkey hot dogs to add some variety and also carries an organic line as well.

What we love most…when we read the ingredients label we can pronounce and know what all the ingredients are…and Lady A and B Man love them!


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2 Responses to 11 of 50 Babysteps- Hot Dogs

  1. Laura Vanchiere says:

    We grilled them last night and the kids loved them.

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