6 of 50 Baby Steps- Jelly and Jam

Step 5 was the peanut butter and step 6 is it’s better half…the jelly and jam!

As you can imagine this yummy sweet stuff is a perfect place to find some High Fructose Corn Syrup hiding and with all the colors of the rainbow from strawberry to grape there are LOTS of opportunities for an artificial color and flavor to make their way into the ingredient list also!  I quickly realized good ‘ole Smuckers had allowed for some not so home-made ingredients to sneak into their product!  We were able to find a strawberry Smuckers product that was free of the HFCS, but for our salicylate sensitive Lady A we had to look for a lower salicylate fruit. We were able to find a PEAR option and a Mango Butter. The Pear preserves come out being the “cleanest” according to the label (since the mango butter has a small percentage of preservative in it). My goal is that when pear season rolls around again I will be buying 20lb or so of organic pears from the Co-op and trying my hand at making my own pear jelly for Lady A (and the rest of us!). Here are a few recipes that I found that sound do-able (ie. easy for a beginner like me, although it looks like I am going to need some “new” kitchen equipment for this task!): Pear Jam, and Pear and Vanilla Jam. Happy and Healthier Spreading!

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5 Responses to 6 of 50 Baby Steps- Jelly and Jam

  1. liz says:

    I don’t even use jelly or jam anymore. I just get the pouches of fruit and vegtable mixes that you can find in the baby food aisle andbuse that. Great flavor Connie like. Pumpkin bananna or Apple sweet potato. Kids never missed the jelly. :). I could make my own, but the pouches are resealable, organic and work well for us.

  2. Jenna says:

    It is really nice to know that smuckers doesn’t use food coloring. It is so hard to find products with out it in america! It is even in our pickles! It is also good to know the make an option with out HFCS.

    • Baby(food)Steps says:

      Jenna- Pickles are the WORST… at HEB the other day I could not find ONE jar without artificial food coloring…

  3. Let me know when you do the Pear jelly, I’d like to make and can some as well. Can’t wait until Pear season is back again. I got Mangos from Azure last month, I don’t even like Mangos, but my kids love them. The ones from Azure were soooo good and sweet I couldn’t stop eating them! So maybe this month w can try some mango jelly?
    I order Bubbies pickles from Azure, b/c it’s the only place I can find them without food coloring.

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