My Wish… for 2013

my wish

I am not real great at the whole “resolution” thing…

Heck, it is already nearly a week into the new year and I am just sitting down to type this! Last year, you may remember I started my 50 Baby Step series… my “resolution” was to blog one step a week. Well 52 plus weeks later and I just posted Baby Step #16, oops, oh well, life got a little in the way! But have no fear, I will continue blogging those Baby Steps (and archiving them here) until they are complete maybe in 5 years or so!

So this year, I give you my wish.  Not a resolution, per se. Just a wish. A hope…for all mothers in  2013.

My Wish….

  • that no other mother feels alone in her attempt to raise her children in the healthiest way she knows possible
  • that no mother feels alone in her concerns of her child’s health, wellness, behaviors or safety
  • that no mother’s concerns about her child are ever ignored or dismissed
  • that no mother who expresses these concerns should ever feel judged, by anyone
  • that no mother feels guilt over what she is or isn’t doing for her child, but instead is supported in loving her child and caring for them, and supported in learning more ways to nurture them
  • that no mother is dismissed by a medical professional, community members or friend for bringing up her worries about her child
  • that no mother repeatedly questions her parenting skills because her child is not  behaving at school, at home or at church, where it has been implied that parenting skills are to blame
  • that no mother be told that their child needs to be medicated for the rest of their life, in order to function properly in society
  • that no mother may have to watch their child injure themselves, through head banging, or violent tantrums, or skin picking or biting and hair pulling
  • that no mother may hear the words, “there is nothing we can do” or “don’t blame yourself” or “the outlook is bleak” or “there is no cure” or “take them home and love them” or “the condition is fatal”
  • that no mother may ever stop advocating for their child
  • that no mother who seeks help for the care of her child be faced with blame or an adversarial stance
  • that no mother may have regrets about what she didn’t know or wasn’t aware of when raising her child, but learns later
  • that no mother’s relationship with her partner may falter or fail because of the stress of parenting or caring for a child
  • that no mother may live in seclusion, thinking she is alone in what she is experiencing
  • that no mother ignore her gut instinct and mother’s intuition that she has for her child
  • that no mother may be told that her child has a disorder that would have been treatable if it had been discovered at birth, but her state does not screen for it
  • that no mother may witness their child regress after a fever, a vaccine, anesthesia, a dose of medicine, a virus or an illness
  • that no mother may experience the heartbreak of her child not being able to hug her or utter the words, “I love you” to her
  • that no mother may sit in a rocking chair with her child in the middle of the night and cry tears of despair, because she cannot calm or soothe her child
  • that no mother may lose hope for her child
  • that no mother may have to grieve the death of her child, taken all too soon…
  • that EVERY mother may find PEACE, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE and SUPPORT from her fellow mothers, unconditionally, and health and healing for her children, in 2013 and beyond.

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6 Responses to My Wish… for 2013

  1. David Stepien says:


    This is a wonderful wish to all mothers but especially tugs at my heartstrings as I know you have gone thru many of those wishes…I love you soo much!!!! Dad

  2. elizabethkbaker says:

    This is my very favorite thing you’ve ever written. Thank you. Love you- you are amazing!

  3. Debbie says:

    You have done so much to make these wishes a reality and we are so thankful for you! I know the past few years have stretched you in ways you never thought possible, but you are embracing each challenge and you are an inspiration to everyone you are praying these wishes over! My life is greatly enriched with you in it!

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