50 Baby Steps to a Healthier Family

Over the last 2 years our family has made A LOT of changes (food and otherwise!). This blog started as a place to document and chronicle those changes and keep track of them! While on a long road trip this summer, I started to make a list of some of the food changes we have made. I wondered out loud if we had changed at least 50 things in the last year. Well low an behold, as I scribbled them all down on the back of the rent-a-car receipt… I came up with MORE than 50… and thus the idea for this next healthy blogging journey was born:

50 Baby Steps

Come along with me on this journey! It will largely be a visual one…with not much text! I need a break from heavy-duty researching of scientific journals for the moment…so this is intended to be quick useful information that you can put into IMMEDIATE practice…the next time you are at the grocery store! NO PANTRY CLEANING HERE… DO NOT throw away the “BEFORE” brand (unless you feel compelled)…our family made all these changes as we used our food up…so when it was time to buy more, soup, ketchup, eggs, etc. we found a more suitable and healthier “AFTER” alternative. A baby food makeover if you will! Are you ready… here we go….



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