3 of 50 BabySteps- Milk

Milk babyfoodstepMilk and rBGH and rBST

Milk and hormones

“Milk…it does a body good?” or so the commercial says. In the past 2 years the “cow’s milk” usage of our house has gone way down. With Lady A completely off dairy, myself, boycotting it long ago (after being forced to drink the stuff for my entire childhood and gagging down every drop),  and Big Boy B deciding he didn’t really like the stuff either… it just left my husband drinking it on a regular basis. So this next babyfoodstep is a tiny one, impact wise in our house, since it really is only effecting one person in the household… but none the less, we made the switch to Organic milk, primarily to avoid the rBGH – which stands for recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or basically an artificial chemical/hormone given to cows to make them lactate more (thus producing more milk).

It is not something that really any of us should probably be drinking but especially females because if it makes cows lactate more you can imagine that it may have some endocrine disruption/lactation disruption on the female (and male) body, too!

You can read more about rBGH (also referred to as rBST)  here and here

Many of my friends who have families that are BIG milk drinkers and don’t seem to have any allergies or intolerance to it, are big fans of RAW milk. I have read a few articles of the health benefits of it which make perfect sense to me…but because most of my family doesn’t care for it…I have not done a ton of research into the RAW milk movement. Plus the one gallon I had bought of more “natural” milk with a layer of cream of top, my husband asked why it tasted funny and where the regular milk was…But this blog and this blog have a considerable amount of research…so they can get you  started if you are looking for that option, ’cause they don’t carry the RAW stuff at the grocery store!

And for those of you who are really curious and adventurous… here is some more info on the healing properties of Camel’s milk (thanks to B.S. for sharing!)! But I have no idea where you buy that!


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2 Responses to 3 of 50 BabySteps- Milk

  1. Diane says:

    Camels milk? And I thought we had tried it all!! 🙂 I am curious and will read that next.(FYI, HEMP milk is gross!)

    I was raised on raw milk. Maybe that is why my brothers and I tower over everyone else in our families 🙂

    Organic milk actually tastes better- next step is raw! 🙂

    You can find “raw” cheese now in many stores. Both goat and cow(HEB has a great selection). They are able to sell it commercially if has been aged longer then 60 days. Boy, does it taste different, and Better! I still had a lactose issue with it , but much less then pasteurized.

    Thanks for another great article- you make me think- and that keeps me out of trouble, and my shrinky dinks!

  2. Carey says:

    Camel milk is big in california. Saw a documentary on it. Maybe Austin would be a close alternative..they embrace the organic/natural lifestyle more than houton

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