13 of 50 Babysteps- Salt



So as a chemist, you have to expect that I look at things a bit differently, ie a bit Chemically… so you may be wondering why I am babystepping a SALT post, maybe you are wondering – Salt is Salt… how much simpler can you get, right? In years past I would have agreed with you NaCl (Sodium Chloride) is what it is and I probably didn’t spend any time considering it’s source. But times have changed and now we look at things a bit differently around here at our house, and thus we have tossed our “old” salt (actually we just retired it to the cleaning cabinet for scrubbing toilet bowls!) and replaced it with Himalayan Sea Salt and Celtic Sea Salt. Why? Because after lots of research, consulting with lots of health minded individuals (thanks T.B. for your amazing insights!) and for contemplating what food God intended for our bodies, I have come to the conclusion that unprocessed, unrefined, natural ,evaporated from the Sea where lots of trace minerals are found (thus the COLOR!) is probably much more suited for our bodies than pure white refined, bleached and then altered/fortified table salt that we have become accustomed to!

Just last month I read an article in the COSTCO magazine of all places, about salt and how it has gotten a bad rap. The bottom line is we need salt to live and recent research has shown that people on LOW salt consumption actually had a 56 percent higher rate for heart disease than the higher salt consumer group.  Case in point…what do they put in your arm when you go to the hospital Saline… SALT WATER! In many cases this simple intervention can save a person’s life by rebalancing their electrolytes and rehydrating their cells!

Here is a great article from a blog that I love Kitchen Stewardship that talks all about the benefits of Sea Salt.

So for us… we have chosen to make the jump to sea salt and hopefully replenish some of those trace minerals that are lacking in our American-ized diet, but minerals which our cells desperately needs to do their jobs!


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3 Responses to 13 of 50 Babysteps- Salt

  1. Joan says:

    Hi Kristi, I just want to mention that if someone is allergic.to shellfish they should be very careful with seasalt. They have found microscopic shellfish in it and some people do react. Otherwise all those minerals are so good for most of us.

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