2 of 50 BabySteps- Yogurt

Back when my son was a toddler, I was thrilled that he loved yogurt! I had heard how great it was for one’s belly with all those good bugs in it! After he graduated from the baby yogurt, product marketing kicked in and he became obsessed with a little cartoon character with black hair who teaches kids Spanish, and obviously does a great job of selling yogurt, too (much like the Star Wars Character on the product below)! Low and behold when my daughter was born and was crying nearly 20 hours some days, I ended up at a seminar given by Texas Children’s Hospital Gastroenterologist, Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, about probiotics. Now if you know nothing about probiotics (like me, before that seminar) then the cliff notes version is this: they are the GOOD BUGS found in yogurt. What I learned from Dr. V that day (in addition to the fact that I needed to RUN out and read his book called, Colic Solved, to help my screaming infant) was that the SUGAR content in many commercial yogurt can GREATLY out weigh the health benefits of the good bugs… especially if your child has diarrhea. He used an example that a child would have to drink 20 small cups of a commercial kids yogurt drinks to get enough of  the live “good bug” counts necessary to bolster gut healing…and then they would lo and behold have worse GI symptoms due to ALL THAT SUGAR!

So long story short…. we ditched the artificial colors, flavors and tried to reduce the sugar by switching to an Organic brand (while also reducing our exposure to rBGH). My next baby food step is to get everyone onto greek yogurt with even LESS SUGAR than this…but one step at a time (to avoid a revolt!)

Lady A is completely dairy, milk, lactose, casein FREE and while yogurt may be low in SALICYLATES it still contains other ingredients (milk) that agitate her. Therefore, she does not eat yogurt and we really have not tried any alternatives for her at the moment, because, to date her reaction to milk has been one of the most severe (trying to bang her head on any hard surface, including the tile floor, for 5 days, until it got out of her system). We may try again one day, but for now she’s getting her “good bugs” mixed in with her pears and banana puree, and her belly is happy about that!

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9 Responses to 2 of 50 BabySteps- Yogurt

  1. Claudia says:

    Hi K! We’re gf/cf but C has had the itchies for as long as i can remember so i want to limit/eliminate salicylates. I did a quick google search and immediately found contradiction, like NO apple vs apple that’s peeled and cored being ok..why so many different opinions?? Suggestions?

    • Baby(food)Steps says:

      There are sooo many different “salicylate” lists flowating around on the internet it is hard to know what to follow…
      We did it by trial and error and a daily food diary/behavior/sleep/symptom diary.
      Here is my post on some resources that worked for us:https://babyfoodsteps.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/s-is-for-salicylate/
      and the book FED UP by sue Dengate is a good one too to get started (her method is called FAILSAFE)!
      Call me if you need mroe info…or meet me at the Cabana over drinks we can save the world! 😉

  2. Diane says:

    You know, they could slap some cute cartoon on the carton of healthy yogurt and the kids would fight for it! Why insist on covering the junk food?

    Wish Abby could eat yogurt! Sara eats greek yogurt- and takes probiotics- I am hoping Dr. V will recommend one for Abby- the probiotics over the counter has questionable ingredients..and there seem to be soo many I question which is safe and which is not..

    I am sooo guilty of my commercial yogurt addiction! – We actually made only homemade yogurt when I was growing up- maybe I will give that a try this year!

    Thanks for this- you just moved healthier yogurt higher on my list! 🙂

    • Baby(food)Steps says:

      Diane… Klaire labs probiotics have worked well for us. They are recommended for autistic kiddos so they are formulated FREE of alot of gunk! 🙂

  3. Marcie says:

    Love Greek Yogurt! I switched Tom a long time ago but still working on the kiddos.
    Thanks Kristy!

    • Baby(food)Steps says:

      So glad you got your hubby to make the switch! Thanks for your sweet words yesterday…I am soo excited for your next big adventure! Let me know how I can help!

  4. Sharon says:


    Just wanted to thank you for all the information you’re putting out. I’m starting to have minor issues with Kaden & possibly milk products (nearly daily stomach aches) & wouldn’t really know where to begin if it weren’t for what I’ve read from your info. I’m trying to read “What’s Eating Your Child” & it’s helping too.

    • Baby(food)Steps says:

      Sharon- I am so sorry you are having some issues with your son. Milk can be a trigger for many kids…Let me know if you need any help being a detective…Great job though for being a GOOD MOM and figuring it out NOW!

  5. New follower (found you through houston bloggers). I love the idea of trying to eat clean in small little steps. Is chobani considered a good yogurt? Does it contain probiotics?

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