Most Popular Babyfoodsteps Posts ~ 2012

Ahhh,  New Year’s eve…  a time to reflect on the good the bad and the ugly of the passing year, and time to focus on only the good that will come (or that you make a resolution to come) in the new year!

In looking back… here are some of the most popular posts on Babyfoodsteps…Enjoy! And Happy New Year!


MITOXIC-Why Acetaminophen may not be good for any of us, especially mitochondrial disease patients


MTHFR, Folic Acid, and Mitochondrial Disease… is there a link?


S is for Salicylate (published in 2011)


Fingers ~ 10 Toes ~ 10 facts about Newborn Screening that You need to KNOW


What is Newborn Screening?


ABC’s Compilation List




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