D is for Dehydrator

If you read my baby step #4.5 post about my first attempt at making zucchini chips, you know that this excercise took up all my counter top space, not to mention a good part of my weekend! So you can imagine my excitement when, while on vacation this summer, my mother in law mentioned she had a dehydrator collecting dust in the basement and would I like it… YES PLEASE! (Thanks!) For those of you who have no idea what a dehydrator is..click here (don’t worry 5 months ago I had never heard of one either!)

Due to it’s size it would not fit in my suitcase so they greatfully shipped it and it arrived recently!
This weekend was dedicated to trying it out and perfecting some recipes.. first I tried OKRA that I bought for $1 at LaCenterra’s farmers market, then I moved on to KALE chips which I found the recipe for here. then I went back to zuchinni and tried to perfect my labor intensive “cover the kitchen in parchment paper” all day routine!! I did it!! Crispy chips that may even be mistaken for potatoe chips in a blind taste test!! (wishful and hopeful thinking!)

Lady A loves them at least on first bite! Still trying to get daddy and Bman converted to Z and K chip lovers!


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2 Responses to D is for Dehydrator

  1. Donna says:

    You are my inspiration! I know what a dehydrator is but man I need more kitchen space for all these gadgets!

  2. Cata says:

    I love my dehydrator. I mainly just use it for dehydrating apple slices soaked in salt water, but I’ve made jerky with it and it’s pretty tasty ; ) I’ll have to try out the succhini slices 😉 Great blog, by the way!!

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