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Whole Food, Plant Based, Tube Fed, Microbiome Pediatric Study

I am so excited to write about this amazing research that is going on RIGHT HERE in PITTSBURGH, PA! Last year, I had the distinct honor to meet a local pediatric surgeon who is doing some thought-provoking and fascinating MICROBIOME research … Continue reading

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How to feed your family without Losing your MIND!

When we began this journey with a very fussy, “colicky” baby girl, all I wanted to do was feed my family. All I wanted to do was nourish the little ones (and one big one) who were counting on me … Continue reading

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12 of 50 Babysteps- Pudding

  Pudding is not really a staple in our house but it is a special treat every now and then.  When I looked what was actually in pudding… I saw ALOT of artificial gunk and unpronounceable ingredients.  Thanks to a … Continue reading

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Baby Step #4- Carrot and Cantelope

The winds of change are blowing at our house! all this talk about eating healthier is rubbing off on our oldest, big boy B, who is five. last week we were making lunch and I told him I was cutting … Continue reading

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Baby Step #3 Comparing Apples to Oranges (and Squash to Zucchini!)

So last week a study was published in Pediatrics that hit all the media outlets (news and social alike!). Lots of Mama’s took notice, too! Including ME, who has been questioning ALOT lately what is in our food and the … Continue reading

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Baby Step #1- HFCS

It was a week like any other, but something odd kept happening. Every conversation I had with my friends, both old and new, near and far away, revolved around food and eating better. Perhaps it was because of my daughter’s … Continue reading

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