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How to feed your family without Losing your MIND!

When we began this journey with a very fussy, “colicky” baby girl, all I wanted to do was feed my family. All I wanted to do was nourish the little ones (and one big one) who were counting on me … Continue reading

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Top 10: What to do if you Suspect Your Child has FOOD Sensitivities or Allergies?

1.  See an allergist to rule out IgE allergies, this can be done by skin prick testing, RAST testing and patch testing. 2.  Keep a food Journal. Here are a few formats you can print out and fill in: Here, … Continue reading

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Pesticides, Herbicides and Mitochondrial Disease

Last night, a friend who lives just a few neighborhoods over from us, sent me an email letting me know that her neighborhood was getting ready to spray this week using a product called SPEEDZONE. This is not the first … Continue reading

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W is for Water

“It’s in the water”…. The popular expression goes, when a group of ladies in the same office, town, group, etc become pregnant. It’s only a joke… “As if” you could get pregnant (or get any other type of biological condition/situation … Continue reading

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O is for Organic Food

It is hard for me to believe that almost a year ago I bought almost NO FOOD that was Organic. A great deal of my first few years of being a mom (especially a stay at home one), was focused on … Continue reading

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C is for Crockpot Lasagna

I did it!! After about 25+ attempts in my 8 years of marriage +10 years of dating myhusband…I made a lasagna that my significant other ATE..and LIKED! Yipee! I originally found the recipe from Kraft Food and Family Magazine but modified … Continue reading

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Baby Step #3 Comparing Apples to Oranges (and Squash to Zucchini!)

So last week a study was published in Pediatrics that hit all the media outlets (news and social alike!). Lots of Mama’s took notice, too! Including ME, who has been questioning ALOT lately what is in our food and the … Continue reading

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