Baby Step #4- Carrot and Cantelope

The winds of change are blowing at our house! all this talk about eating healthier is rubbing off on our oldest, big boy B, who is five. last week we were making lunch and I told him I was cutting up some cantelope to try so h could get a stamp on his “new food passport”, which is usually met with oposition, but not this day! he said, while taking a bite, ” I likethis mommy, this is the stuff they have in chick fil a fruit cups!” yeah!
then a few days later I wanted to try to increase his veggie repritoir ( from peas and corn! So I boiled some mini carrots in the microwave and then cut them in half lengthwise, and put them onhis plate. I looked over and they were GONE! then he asked for more! he told me he didn’t like crunchy carrots but the soft ones were much yummier!! yeah!
Our healthy eating passport has really been great motivation! once big boy B fills it up with stamps, it is good for one trip ANYWHERE he wants to go in Houston, which he has his sights set on a train destination,suprise,suprise!


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One Response to Baby Step #4- Carrot and Cantelope

  1. Alex says:

    I love the “new food passport.” I am going to try it with my kiddo who only wants to eat the same few things. Thanks!

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