Baby Step #1- HFCS

It was a week like any other, but something odd kept happening. Every conversation I had with my friends, both old and new, near and far away, revolved around food and eating better. Perhaps it was because of my daughter’s diet, or perhaps it was just the topic of the week, but whatever it was… it made me pause and think. My dear friend Jodi had just read/listened to on CD “In Defense of Food” and gave me her cliff notes on what she learned and was so sweet to share her shopping list for some High Fructose Corn Syrup Free Foods, the one ingredient that she was focused on removing from her families diet after reading the book. So that was my starting point! I had already had 9 months practice reading EVERY ingredient of every food I had eaten … so off I went to find some non-HFCS!! BREAD (Nature’s Own Whole Grain) and KATCHUP  (Kroger Brand Organic) were the 2 swaps I made this week! Great news, my son didn’t even notice! He even had toast with butter for 2 mornings – which he has never asked for! Now, since baby A has never tasted HFCS her food change this week was the introduction of BEEF. I bought Laura’s Lean Beef thinking it was organic but after I called the company I found that it was not 100% grass fed- so next week I may search out another brand at whole foods. I still fed it to her (puree it with peas, grbeans and olive oil). she seems to be tolerating it fine so far!! Overall not bad for week one! 🙂


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