Baby Step #3 Comparing Apples to Oranges (and Squash to Zucchini!)

So last week a study was published in Pediatrics that hit all the media outlets (news and social alike!). Lots of Mama’s took notice, too! Including ME, who has been questioning ALOT lately what is in our food and the safety of it for our kids health (and our own!).

Anyway, the study linked pesticides (specifically organophosphates) to increased incidences of ADHD

You can read the full hournal article here in Pediatrics, read a summary about it here on CNN or watch a Today Show Clip

All this talk about pesticides coupled with all the sensitivities we have already noticed in our daughter’s belly, prompted me to investigate baby step #3 – Buying organic. Now if we had an unlimited budget, I would be off to the races and not looking back! But, that is not the case, so buying SMART was going to have to be part of our strategy! I found this helpful pocket-size guide “the dirty dozen” as they call it, prioritizing which fruits and veggies are most important to buy organic, pretty handy for the grocery store! And as luck would have it, our town opened up its first produce market, just down the street, last week! They have some organic but mostly locally grown produce and at a reasonable price!

One of he main things I am realizing is that I need to buy only what I think we will eat in one week! This stuff spoils fast! So I have ben trying to guess and if we run out mid-week then we head back and get more. Sooner or later I will figure out the right amount. My goal is just not to throw anything away because we have not eaten it and it spoils!

The upside is we have “explored” fruits outside our comfort zone of just bananas, apples and grapes (all foods that we need to use in moderation in Lady A’s diet, per the Dr. due to sugar/carb content). This week we have all tried to eat more: fresh mango, papaya, cantaloupe, watermelon, pear, peaches, apricots, pineapple, blueberries and kiwi. Yummy! Good thing we started taking these Baby (food) steps when so many good fruits were in season! 🙂

NOTE 6/3/10- CNN just posted a handy list for organic food buying,  in connecton wth their “Toxic America” series: Click HERE

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One Response to Baby Step #3 Comparing Apples to Oranges (and Squash to Zucchini!)

  1. mainlinemom says:

    Have you seen any fresh berries at the Katy Farmers Market yet? Strawberries and blueberries are probably our faves here and I would love to be able to affordably switch to local and/or organic.

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