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Whole Food, Plant Based, Tube Fed, Microbiome Pediatric Study

I am so excited to write about this amazing research that is going on RIGHT HERE in PITTSBURGH, PA! Last year, I had the distinct honor to meet a local pediatric surgeon who is doing some thought-provoking and fascinating MICROBIOME research … Continue reading

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Childhood Anxiety-All in Their Head or Their Belly?

Childhood Anxiety- is it all in their HEAD or their Belly? Continue reading

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Microbiome and Autism Awareness

Today is the first day of AUTISM AWARENESS month. With epidemic numbers of children being diagnosed with Autism, I am fairly confident that many are AWARE that Autism exists. What you may not be AWARE of is the cutting edge … Continue reading

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What is a Microbiome? And what does it have to do with AUTISM?

It was about a year ago that I read this article written by Michael Pollan about The American Gut Project and became more familiar with the term “microbiome”. I have been familiar with the concept of gastrointestinal flora for many … Continue reading

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