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Whole Food, Plant Based, Tube Fed, Microbiome Pediatric Study

I am so excited to write about this amazing research that is going on RIGHT HERE in PITTSBURGH, PA! Last year, I had the distinct honor to meet a local pediatric surgeon who is doing some thought-provoking and fascinating MICROBIOME research … Continue reading

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P is for Planet Box

My son started kindergarten this year, and thus began my “new” job of packing lunch EVERY DAY!! We started with a regular insulated lunch bag and lots of plastic containers, baggies and the like. but after week 1 of my … Continue reading

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O is for Organic Food

It is hard for me to believe that almost a year ago I bought almost NO FOOD that was Organic. A great deal of my first few years of being a mom (especially a stay at home one), was focused on … Continue reading

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J is for just tomatoes, just peas, just a healthier snack

Snacks have been a tough one for us to find these days… with a wheat,dairy,and soy free diet for my daughter, quite a few of the standby toddler snacks are quickly crossed of the list… no goldfish crackers ( contain … Continue reading

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D is for Dehydrator

If you read my baby step #4.5 post about my first attempt at making zucchini chips, you know that this excercise took up all my counter top space, not to mention a good part of my weekend! So you can … Continue reading

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Baby Step #4.5- Snack Attack~ “Chips” Ahoy

So lately I have been struggling to find nutritious, healthy snacks for the kids (and myself). We are an on-the-go family, so portability is key! With our little gals diet, we are trying to combine protein with every snack, so … Continue reading

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