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How to feed your family without Losing your MIND!

When we began this journey with a very fussy, “colicky” baby girl, all I wanted to do was feed my family. All I wanted to do was nourish the little ones (and one big one) who were counting on me … Continue reading

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A-OK Pantry Makeover

This  post is dedicated to my mom, the most organized person, perhaps, in the world! She has earned her nickname from my dad, as the “white tornado” and can put the organizers on shows like “Clean Sweep” to shame!  She … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Our Family Shops at Whole Foods

1. Since discovering our daughter is sensitive to Salicylates and since or family started to clean up our diet removing all artificial colors, it has been so refreshing to shop at a store who doesn’t allow even one of these … Continue reading

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Off to School We Go! Planet Box in tow!

Back to School time… 2012! Wow.. where does the time go! If you have read this blog for a bit…you already know that we are HUGE fans of  the PLANET BOX lunchbox system (you can read my first post here). … Continue reading

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Q is for Quinoa

This next topic amazes me because about a year ago I had no idea what QUINOA was, let alone could I pronounce it.  Recently while I was visiting my mom I asked her if she had ever tried this food … Continue reading

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P is for Planet Box

My son started kindergarten this year, and thus began my “new” job of packing lunch EVERY DAY!! We started with a regular insulated lunch bag and lots of plastic containers, baggies and the like. but after week 1 of my … Continue reading

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O is for Organic Food

It is hard for me to believe that almost a year ago I bought almost NO FOOD that was Organic. A great deal of my first few years of being a mom (especially a stay at home one), was focused on … Continue reading

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N is for Nitrates and Nitrites (in processed meats)

Ok… before you skip this post because it sounds like a       Chemistry 101 lesson, please STOP and take a moment to read it, especially if you or your child’s diet contains: lunch meat hot dogs sausage pepperoni bacon Nitrates and Nitrites (in … Continue reading

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G is for GingerSnap

My dear friend, Susi, first introduced me to these natural-tummy-ache-calming cookies back when I was pregnant with my daughter and very sick ALL the time!  Ginger has a calming effect on the GI system…plus they are just plain YUMMY! I … Continue reading

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E is for Egg

Many months before the largest egg recall in us history, I began buying organic eggs (first (baby) step). After reading this article from my friend Jodi, I made another baby step and decided to buy local. I stareted buying at Katy produce … Continue reading

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