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12 of 50 Babysteps- Pudding

  Pudding is not really a staple in our house but it is a special treat every now and then.  When I looked what was actually in pudding… I saw ALOT of artificial gunk and unpronounceable ingredients.  Thanks to a … Continue reading

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4 of 50 Baby Steps- Eggs

This baby food step “epiphany” came to me while reading the book: In Defense of Food. In this book , Michael Pollan says, “egg yolks are bright orange: What you’re seeing is the beta-carotene from fresh green grass”(in the chicken’s … Continue reading


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O is for Organic Food

It is hard for me to believe that almost a year ago I bought almost NO FOOD that was Organic. A great deal of my first few years of being a mom (especially a stay at home one), was focused on … Continue reading

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E is for Egg

Many months before the largest egg recall in us history, I began buying organic eggs (first (baby) step). After reading this article from my friend Jodi, I made another baby step and decided to buy local. I stareted buying at Katy produce … Continue reading

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