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Back to School 2015- Planet Box lunch!

Today my kiddos headed back to school! 1st and 5th grade I can hardly believe it! It has become tradition in our house for a fun and creative back to school lunch in our PLANET Boxes.  I have written about … Continue reading

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Mommy Book Report: Nutrient Power- Heal your Biochemistry and Heal your Brain

A few weeks ago I finished reading this book: Nutrient Power- Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain written by William Walsh PhD Earlier this year our daughter had an adverse reaction to a nutritional supplement that we were trying … Continue reading

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How to feed your family without Losing your MIND!

When we began this journey with a very fussy, “colicky” baby girl, all I wanted to do was feed my family. All I wanted to do was nourish the little ones (and one big one) who were counting on me … Continue reading

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The Gift in Grandma’s Jewlery Box

Today marks the 1 year angel-versary of my Grandma. She died last year of complications of Alzheimer’s and dementia that she had been battling for years as it slowly stole her speech and ability to communication. This post is dedicated … Continue reading

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A-OK Pantry Makeover

This  post is dedicated to my mom, the most organized person, perhaps, in the world! She has earned her nickname from my dad, as the “white tornado” and can put the organizers on shows like “Clean Sweep” to shame!  She … Continue reading

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The Chemically Sensitive Chemist

Since I started this blog I have shared a lot of our experiences navigating the path of screening and diagnosis of metabolic disorders, specifically mitochondrial disease for our daughter~ Lady A. One part of the story that I have not … Continue reading

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The Candy Fairy Has Left the Building

Happy Halloween 2013! With kiddos aged 4  and 8, trick-or-treating is a top priority around our house…even in the pouring down rain this year.  The excitement of running full speed from house to house, had smiles plastered from ear to … Continue reading

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It’s NO Vaccident!

Sooo..What is a Vaccident? I had never heard this term until I was doing some research a few months ago. As often happens in my research “journey”, I stumble down many paths and a rabbit hole or two!  Here is where my journey … Continue reading

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Back to School~ Planet Box Style

Ok, this is becoming a habit  tradition around here! On the first day of school we do all the usual pics, you know: kiddo with backpack, kiddo at bus stop, kiddo with sibling, kiddo with mom… but we also like … Continue reading

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You Know Your Child Best. Period. End of Story.

I was honored to be asked by to be a “Word of Mom” blogger and write a post about my views on motherhood! This post originally appeared on the website What To Expect on August 7, 2013.  My pre-child … Continue reading

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