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Dear #ChicagoMed ~ #MitoIsReal

Last Tuesday I set my DVR to record ChicagoMed, a show I had never watched before, but one which I had heard would be featuring a storyline about mitochondrial disease. I was curious how this diagnosis would be portrayed on … Continue reading

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MitoAware 2013 ~ Professor B

It is that time of year again.. time to spread awareness about mitochondrial disease. Here at babyfoodsteps we have been doing this for a few years now: here, here and here. So we thought we would start off the week … Continue reading

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You Know Your Child Best. Period. End of Story.

I was honored to be asked by WhatToExpect.com to be a “Word of Mom” blogger and write a post about my views on motherhood! This post originally appeared on the website What To Expect on August 7, 2013.  My pre-child … Continue reading

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Mountains States Genetics Regional Collaborative Annual Meeting 2012-2013

Two years ago, I was doing some Internet research regarding newborn screening and mitochondrial disease. Back then we had recently been told by doctors that this was the genetic condition they thought our daughter may have. So I was looking … Continue reading

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UMDF 2012 Mitochondrial Symposium Day 2- Day on the Hill

On Thursday, June 14th, I awoke bright and early to get ready for a day of mitochondrial advocacy! I was headed to Capitol Hill with 2 whole bus loads of folks ready to spread awareness to our national legislators about … Continue reading

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