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Autism PREVENTION part 4: Mast Cell Activation Disorders, Guest Post by Tiffany Blackden

Editor’s note- I am so honored to feature the first Guest Blog Post on Babyfoodsteps.com and even more honored to introduce Tiffany Blackden as our first guest blogger. Tiffany and I met through on-line connections and then had the privledge … Continue reading

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Autism PREVENTION Part 2: Mitochondrial Toxin Exposure

Many, many studies have been published recently suggesting that Autism is not just influenced by GENETICS, but that ENVIRONMENT has a lot to do with this disorder also.  For a while now, I have intuitively known that, as we have navigated … Continue reading

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What is Methylation?

METHYLATION [meth ala shən] the introduction of a methyl group, CH3, to a chemical compound. {source:medical-dictonary} My favorite definition is this: Methylation is a process by which a gene’s behavior is altered, but the gene itself isn’t changed. This is … Continue reading

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