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#1min4mito Week 6: Highest Incidence of Metabolic Diseases

(please forgive us, we are a few weeks behind and trying catch up!!) This one floors me. Really floors me. As many of you know over the past few years I have become a HUGE advocate for Newborn Screening.  Metabolic … Continue reading

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#1min4mito Week 1: Psychotropic Medications and Mitochondrial Toxicity

Please take #1min4mito and share this post! This quote was taken from this correspondance in reply to this journal article in Nature Reviews: Neuroscience titled: Impaired mitochondrial function in psychiatric disorders. Editor’s Note: Another publication that explains the mito toxicity … Continue reading

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#1min4mito in 2014

Nearing the end of 2013, Mitochondrial Disease was thrust into the international media spotlight, under the most unfortunate and controversial of circumstances: a custody battle over 15-year-old Mitochondrial Patient, Justina Pelletier, the state of Massachusetts, her parents, and Boston Children’s … Continue reading

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Autism PREVENTION Part 2: Mitochondrial Toxin Exposure

Many, many studies have been published recently suggesting that Autism is not just influenced by GENETICS, but that ENVIRONMENT has a lot to do with this disorder also.  For a while now, I have intuitively known that, as we have navigated … Continue reading

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