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3 of 50 BabySteps- Milk

“Milk…it does a body good?” or so the commercial says. In the past 2 years the “cow’s milk” usage of our house has gone way down. With Lady A completely off dairy, myself, boycotting it long ago (after being forced to drink … Continue reading


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C is for Crockpot Lasagna

I did it!! After about 25+ attempts in my 8 years of marriage +10 years of dating myhusband…I made a lasagna that my significant other ATE..and LIKED! Yipee! I originally found the recipe from Kraft Food and Family Magazine but modified … Continue reading

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Baby Step #2 Crying Over Spilt (Almond) Milk

So this week has been a little nutty (excuse the pun!) I have been reading quite a bit about cow’s Milk lately. Ever since giving it to Baby A a month ago (per our GI’s recommendation) and seeing a reaction (GI … Continue reading

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