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Cancer, Autism, and Faith

A number of years ago, when we were in the thick of reactions, hospitalizations and testing, trying to figure out what was wrong with our little one,  I struggled to find a church home where I could find peace, solace, … Continue reading

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Shoe Tying made Easy

I found a video about a year ago and posted it on our Facebook page  about an easy way to teach kids to tie their shoes. Everyone thought it was great and I used it to help my own kids with another … Continue reading

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2014…We can do this Together!

2013 brought… New experiences, new discoveries, new state, new schools, new friends, new house, new realities, new normals, new awareness, new advocacy, and new challenges… For babyfoodsteps. In 2014, My Wish has not changed much since a year ago… For … Continue reading


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What is Somatoform Disorder?

If you are part of the mitochondrial disease community, there is no doubt that in the past few weeks you have heard the news of Justina Pelletier, a 15 year old girl who was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease by a … Continue reading

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Common DOES NOT equal Normal

It may be COMMON for children to be constipated in today’s world…. but it is NOT NORMAL It may be COMMON for children to have reflux in today’s world…. but it is NOT NORMAL It may be COMMON for children … Continue reading

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My Wish… for 2013

I am not real great at the whole “resolution” thing… Heck, it is already nearly a week into the new year and I am just sitting down to type this! Last year, you may remember I started my 50 Baby … Continue reading

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