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What is Somatoform Disorder?

If you are part of the mitochondrial disease community, there is no doubt that in the past few weeks you have heard the news of Justina Pelletier, a 15 year old girl who was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease by a … Continue reading

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It’s NO Vaccident!

Sooo..What is a Vaccident? I had never heard this term until I was doing some research a few months ago. As often happens in my research “journey”, I stumble down many paths and a rabbit hole or two!  Here is where my journey … Continue reading

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Autism PREVENTION Part 3: Nutritional and Vitamin Deficiency

Topic number 3 for Autism Prevention Month is Nutritional Deficiencies and Vitamin Deficiencies…. Here are just a few of the scientific links that have been found between vitamin/nutritional deficiencies and autism. The real question is, which came first the autism … Continue reading

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G is for Glutathione

It has been a while since I have done an ABC post, but I thought I would add in a letter since I have learned so much about this biochemical in the last year and it’s importance to a person … Continue reading

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