T.I.M.E. for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness

Where did the summer go?

It is September and time for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Month.

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week will be celebrated September 20-26, 2015. But here at Babyfoodsteps we think there is enough information and enough awareness that needs to be spread, to talk about it ALL MONTH LONG!!


The theme that babyfoodsteps is focusing on this year is a little acronym we came up with:


What does it stand for?

Toxin Induced Mitochondrial Etiology

What does that mean?

Well for a number of years if you have followed this blog, you have learned as we have learned about MITOXINS. These are exposures in our environment that can induce mitochondrial harm, dysfunction and even disease.  When I first learned about mitochondrial disease, I was told it was a RARE GENETIC disorder. The more I learn, with each passing year, I continue to discover more and more about another type of mitochondrial disease very few talk about: Acquired Mitochondrial Disease.

It is time to change that.

It is time to talk about ALL ETIOLOGIES of this Disease… including those that are TOXIN INDUCED leading to an Acquired form of the disease that is NOT always present at birth and NOT 100% genetic in origin.

Please join me for a month of awareness here on the blog and also on our facebook page. Feel free to post questions in the comment section or email us with questions at babyfoodsteps at symbol gmail dot com.

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness


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One Response to T.I.M.E. for Mitochondrial Disease Awareness

  1. Diane says:

    Best post of the year!

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