To all the Mothers of special needs kids… on Mother’s Day 2015

Last night I read this awesome post:Why My Kids Chronic Illness Makes Me Grateful To Moms I Have Never Met

And I relized just how much my perspective on life including friendships have changed in the last 10 years…

I once browsed maternity stores with friends who were expecting around the same time as I was with my first child,  “as long as the baby is healthy” we would say…

that was long before I had any concept of  what newborn screening or mitochondrial disease was.

I once spent hours researching car seats, and cribs, high chairs and strollers

that was long before I had any concept that I should have spent a fraction of that time researching the vaccines my newborn baby would get on the first days, and months of life.

I once attended breastfeeding classes, infant CPR classes and prenatal classes with my husband, as we anxiously awaited the day we would become parents

that was long before I knew that the classes I would end up using the most information from were my college chemistry, and graduate school biochemistry courses in the wee morning hours looking for answers for my child on PubMed.

I once spent days maybe even weeks oogling and googling at my newborn son, as I basked in the glow of being a new mom

that was long before I became a mom to a baby who I couldn’t oogle and google with because she was in so much pain and discomfort in those early months that all she could do was scream.

I once joined play groups and moms clubs and spent my first child’s toddler years at zoo’s and museums and outings each and every week

that was long before I spent those same toddler years into and out of doctor and specialist appointments, trying to find out what was ailing our little one

I once fretted over which preschool my son would attend, touring half a dozen of them, camping out in line for the chance at a spot, waiting with baited breath to see if he got in

that was long before I had days and nights where I prayed that my child would be able to attend preschool, that she would be well enough to be in that environment

I once held back tears as my first born went off t0 that  preschool, and met with other teary eyed mommas for coffee to comfort each other’s anxiety over this big milestone

that was long before I would sit and comfort moms online, over the phone, or in person as their child went into surgery, when their child’s genetic test results came back , or when their child (like mine) didn’t meet the milestone that they were supposed to meet months ago.

I once was concerned with a few percentile changes on the growth chart with each well visit for my son

that was well before I would have a child who was labled “failure to thrive”

I once thought children’s medicines were safe and effective for all children

that was long before I had to learn about the dangers of acetaminophen for my second child.

I once thought chatting online to perfect strangers was reason for concern

that was long before I connected with mothers from all over the world, with children much like my own, who are on a mission to not only help one another but to change the world for the better, for every child to come…

Thank you to all the friends who have weathered the storms called life with our family over the years, thank you to all the virtual friends I have met whom I hope one day to meet, thank you to all the moms out there, whether your child has special needs or not, who work each and every day to leave this world in a better place. And to all the mothers of special needs kids out there, thank you for sharing your stories, telling your truth, loving and advocating for your child, and trusting your instincts.


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2 Responses to To all the Mothers of special needs kids… on Mother’s Day 2015

  1. Diane says:

    Well said! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Shirlene Cerceo says:

    Boy, that is you. Thanks to u for helping so many other moms now in ur situation with ur research, background in chemistry and talent. God bless you! He led u to help others.

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