It’s All about Energy!

In the past couple years I have learned A LOT about biochemical energy! That is… energy in the form of ATP which is the form our body uses and which is produced by our mitochondria.  Being a chemist and taking my share of physics classes in college, I am well aware that this is not the ONLY kind of energy which exists in our world.. remember potential energy, kinetic energy, quantum energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, etc?

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So when I heard about this conference that the Thinking Moms Revolution is hosting TOMORROW (July 16, 2014), I was intrigued.  Can mitochondrial disease and other medical conditions (including autism) be improved by other forms of energy medicine? In our quest to find answers for our little gal in mainstream medicine, I have often been curious that we see a neurologist and a geneticist to diagnose and treat her mitochondrial condition. In mainstream medicine there is NO Energy specialist, NO energyologist, NO mitochondriologist… instead energy in this framework is considered a symptom (either too low or too high). And as much as western medicine likes to claim superiority over eastern medicine… eastern medicine does at least embrace energy (qi) in their healing modalities… hmmm.  In speaking with many other mothers with children with autism and many other conditions, I know that they have had numerous improvements with their children by exploring these various healing modalities. Often times my scientific brain kicks in and says, “Where is the science, is there proof this works?”… and then I realize many many things that were supposed to “work” for our daughter have not, we truly have an N=1, as does each and every parent that is trying to help their child get better! What works for one family may or may not work for another. Focusing on finding non-invasive therapies and treatments that cause no harm to already fragile children is paramount!

So being new to all this and not really knowing much of anything about energy healing, I plan to do what I have done with every other therapy, treatment, and intervention that has been suggested to us thus far along our healing journey: I will learn as much as I can about it, research it with an unbiased perspective, pray and trust my gut as to what resonates for our family. I hope you will join me in learning more!



** editor’s note:  In exchange for writing this blog post about the conference I was given a discounted admission to the conference, but for the reasonable cost of $40 and a year access to all the speakers, I would have paid full price to have access to learning new information that may be able to help our family,  anyhow!! 🙂

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