Shoe Tying made Easy

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 2.18.24 PMI found a video about a year ago and posted it on our Facebook page  about an easy way to teach kids to tie their shoes. Everyone thought it was great and I used it to help my own kids with another (easier) option for teaching them to tie their shoes.  Well, recently I have been contacted by a few people asking where that video was and if I could send a link to it, to them. When I tried to find it again it took a bit of digging, so I figured I better do a blog post about it so I could easily find it again if anyone is looking for it!!

This method is great for ALL children but may work well with special needs kiddos or kiddos on the spectrum as well!


here is the original post by Ross Elementary School with the video:


and here is another website with a link to the video:



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