#1min4mito Week 3: Primary Mitochondrial Disorders

Many individuals (both young and old) suffer from various forms of mitochondrial disease, these range in severity and health impact for each individual. If I have learned one thing about mito… it is that NO TWO mito patients are alike. Mito is a spectrum of symptoms which has the potential to impact every single body system, making diagnosis and defining mitochondrial disease difficult. In the mito world, you hear a lot about primary and secondary mitochondrial disorders.  Today, please SHARE this mito minute defining primary mitochondrial disorders.

Primary Mitochondrial Disorders:

“The term mitochondrial disorder usually refers to primary disorders of mitochondrial metabolism affecting oxidative phosphorylation.”

This information comes from The National Center for Biotechnology Information: Gene Reviews: Mitochondrial Disorders Overview.



Clear as mud? In Laymen’s terms: “oxidative phosphorylation” is defined as an enzymatic process in cell metabolism that synthesizes ATP from ADP…

even more simplified: “oxidative phosphorylation” is a process that occurs in the cell which produces ENERGY (ATP).”

This video may help clarify it in simpler terms:

Check out this “oxidative phosphorylation” song, it is kinda catchy too!

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