#1min4mito Week 2: Somatization and Mitochondrial Dysfunction

This week’s mito minute focuses on Somatization Symptomology and Mitochondrial Dysfunction, and the link between the two.


We have discussed this topic at Babyfoodsteps before, and you can read a more in-depth commentary here.

But for the sake of keeping this MITO MINUTE brief, the cliff note version is-

“There is substantial overlap between patients identified with somatization and with mitochondrial disorders. In the latter conditions, symptoms typically wax and wane, and involve different tissues and body locations at different times, presumably in accordance with local energy supply and demand. These and other factors often lead the patient’s symptoms to be dismissed as being “functional” or “psychosomatic”, delaying typically by many years the specific testing that establishes the diagnosis of a mitochondrial disorder in patients with concurrent mood symptoms.”

As quoted from this paper about the subject. Here is the Pubmed reference.

Take home message: if you or your loved one is suffering from mood, “somatization” , or “psychosomatic” symptoms, talking with your doctor about evaluation for mitochondrial dysfunction may be warranted. There may be a DEEPER ROOT cause to your symptoms.

Editor’s Note- This Mito Minute is dedicated to the honor of #justinapelletier, whose story you can read HERE and HERE and FOXCT coverage that broke this story: HERE.

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