#1min4mito Week 1: Psychotropic Medications and Mitochondrial Toxicity

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This quote was taken from this correspondance in reply to this journal article in Nature Reviews: Neuroscience titled: Impaired mitochondrial function in psychiatric disorders.

Psychotropic Medications and  Mitochondrial Toxicity

Editor’s Note: Another publication that explains the mito toxicity of psychotropic meds:

Mitochondrion-toxic drugs given to patients with mitochondrial psychoses

“The study did not address whether, and to what degree, anti-psychotic or other medication may worsen the underlying defect due to mitochondrion-toxicity of the applied medication [1]. This is important since deterioration of the clinical presentation may not only be due to worsening of the underlying metabolic defect, but also due to mitochondrion-toxicity of the applied anti-psychotic medication.”

“Some agents described in the study have been reported to cause severe, sometimes even fatal, adverse reactions, such as valproic acid, which may cause irreversible liver failure, particularly in patients carrying POLG1 mutations

[8]. Other drugs may be mitochondrion-toxic without obvious major clinical side effects, such as atorvastatin, which reduces the coenzyme-Q content and generally decreases mitochondrial functions [9], mirtazepine, which decreases complex-I activity[10], metformin, which inhibits complex-I of the respiratory chain [11], quetiapine, which inhibits complex-I [12], or trazodone, which collapses the mitochondrial membrane potential and imposes oxidative stress [13]. Antipsychotic medication may not only affect the function of respiratory chain complexes, but also activity of the pyruvate-dehydrogenase complex [14]. Some of the drugs applied may also have a protective effect on mitochondrial functions, such as vinpocetine[15], trimetazidine [16], sertraline [17], levetiracetam [18], bisoprolol [19], or enalapril [20].”


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