Now Wait a Mito Minute!


Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week continues…

Babyfoodsteps has come up with a number of MITO MINUTES and will be posting them on our Facebook Page throughout the week (as well as compiling them here on this page). Please feel free to share, borrow, forward, like, give them wings so they can FLY…and spread MITO awareness all around!

Mito Minute #1


Mito Minute #2


Mito Minute #3


journal article here

Mito Minute #4


Mito Minute #5


Mito Minute #6


Mito Minute #7


Mito Minute #8


Mito Minute #9


Mito Minute #10


Mito Minute #11


Mito Minute #12


What AUTISM is…and ISN’T

to explain… the column on the left contains “symptoms” of what is defined as AUTISM. The column on the right, though VERY COMMON in those who have AUTISM, are symptoms that are NOT DEFINED as AUTISM. Therefore, if your child exhibits symptoms found on the RIGHT side of the chart- seek the help of a metbolic neurologist or geneticist… because there is a high likely hood they have something else causing these symptoms besides autism, such as a metabolic disorder or mitochondrial dysfunction.

What Autism Isn't ... Red Flags for Mitochondrial Disease

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