Back to School~ Planet Box Style

Ok, this is becoming a habit  tradition around here!

On the first day of school we do all the usual pics, you know: kiddo with backpack, kiddo at bus stop, kiddo with sibling, kiddo with mom… but we also like to snap a few pics of our first day lunch! This year is no different, even though we have moved and we are starting a new school, it is always good to have something familiar with all the “newness”!

Since Big Boy B was in Kindergarten we have been HUGE fans of the PLANET BOX lunch box (he is actually still carrying the same Planet box we bought in kindergarten as he heads off to 3rd grade!). You can read more of our posts Here, Here and Here about all the fun lunches we like to pack in our planet box. And you can even learn Here how the Planet box has helped us manage Lady A’s food intolerances!

And without further ado, here it is the:


3rd Grade Planet Box

1st day of School


planet box back to school

My favorite part: the Apple! (Watermelon Ball, chocolate chips, and basil leaf!)

Planet Box Back to School apple



Hoping I didn’t embarrass my son too much! I know my days are numbered in how much longer this “tradition” can continue! Good thing he has a little sister following in his footsteps to school next year! 🙂

What tradition do  you do to make your child’s fist day of school a little bit more special?


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2 Responses to Back to School~ Planet Box Style

  1. jannajennings says:

    We always do first day of school photos too. I like to do them by the sign for the school so that as my kids grow, I have the sign that does not change size, so I can see their growth from year to year. It’s a great idea in theory, but due to sensory processing disorder and it’s challenges, and our move this week, my kids have not stayed at only one school. Oh well.

    This year for lunch, I bought them each a wide-mouthed thermos for food. I have a hard time getting My older son to eat any lunch (thanks to ADHD meds). With this thermos, his food stays warm til lunchtime. I’ve been making his favorite pasta with tomato sauce, and he eats every bite! It’s awesome because he’s getting calories he needs and it is healthy, all natural, and organic, and GF. The thermos requires you to boil water and pour it in to preheat it for 10-15 min. Then dump it out and put the food in. It’s really not more work than making sandwiches or other food, and so worth it because he actually eats it. My younger son usually eats whatever I put in his lunch, but he loves taking pasta too.

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