Happy Valentine’s Day ~ BabyFoodSteps Style

Hope you are having a wonderful LOVE day!

We are celebrating Baby{food}Step Style here!

To make these fun “homemade” Valentine’s-

1. Take a photo of your Child holding a PVC pipe.

2. Use a program like youdoodle, photoshop or other text/graphic/photo program to write your message.

3. Print Photos

4. Punch a hole on photo at the top of the pipe.

5. Insert lolly pop stick in the hole.

We love YUMMY EARTH lolly pops because they are DYE FREE! 🙂

6. Tape on the back.


And a Little Lunch (Planet Box) Love!

planet box valentine's lunch


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3 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day ~ BabyFoodSteps Style

  1. tguidry says:

    Super cute idea! But is it me or is it cute & a little creepy at the same time?!?! Almost like they are alive coming out of the photograph!! 🙂

  2. Shirlene Cerceo says:

    It is soooo nice to see u using your talents and creativity for A and B and Baby Food Steps. You are very clever and its refreshing to see what u can do. Those Valentine Day cards are cute!!

    Love, Shirlene

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