Top 10 Reasons Our Family Shops at Whole Foods

whole foods Katy

1. Since discovering our daughter is sensitive to Salicylates and since or family started to clean up our diet removing all artificial colors, it has been so refreshing to shop at a store who doesn’t allow even one of these artificial colors on their shelf:  MORE about that HERE!

Whole foods bulk cooking

2.Whole Foods goes waaay beyond just banning artificial colors from their store- there are a WHOLE lot of other ingredients that they deem unacceptable too, HERE. They do allow products that contain GMO’s, though, so if that is important to avoid for your family (as it is becoming in ours) you can either choose ORGANIC products or ask for the GMO free list at customer service and look for the GMO free labels like THIS.

3. Sweet Pea Club house (Sugarland Location ONLY)- Yes CHILDCARE while you shop for you potty trained children! The new Katy store does not have this, but they said if there is a need it may be something they consider down the road!

Whole foods Seafood and meats

4. Fish that is actually WILD CAUGHT and they will steam and season it for you for free, while you shop!

5. Texas born and Texas BREAD- Originally started in 1980 in Austin Texas

6. The WHOLE Organic Chicken Sale $1.99/lb limit 10 per person!

7. Regardless of where we travel to see Grandparents, there is a Whole Foods nearby so we can pick up groceries and get cooking for Lady A on our way to their house from the airport!

the bar Katy Station

8. Sip a glass of wine while you shop? Yep! At Whole Foods this is a-ok (as long as you are legal drinking age!) and oh what a selection! The new Katy store even boasts a full service BAR with wine and draft beer to go!

9. You know the golden rule about shopping the “perimeter” of the grocery store to find the healthiest foods…well at Whole Foods nearly the entire store IS the perimeter… with only 2-5 “shelf” grocery aisles… you are left with very little processed and a whole lot of REAL!

10. They are opening one down the road from us in just a few days! Sooo excited about that!

I got the chance to preview the store on Friday and Saturday and all I can say is WOW! The store looks amazing and I can’t wait to head there on the opening day to stock up on some items I am out of… and hopefully try a few “new finds”! Will you join me?

Check out the GRAND OPENING DAY Schedule HERE.

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