Snips about SNPs ~ Blog Series

Snips about SNPs

Welcome 2013! This year I am starting a new series called Snips on SNPs… ok here is the explanation!  This is a mini trip into your genes! SNPs stands for Single Nucleotide Polymorphism which is just a pretty fancy way of saying “letter change” in the genetic dictionary of life…our DNA. This series will focus on a different gene and what a slight letter change may mean for your health but even more importantly… what positive changes you can make toward wellness! Each Snips about SNPs post will be set up as a top 10 list… so you can get a quick glimpse about the gene and what a letter change in that gene (or a SNP) may imply (at least in the realm of current scientific findings), not to worry though there will be plenty of references if you want to research and learn more! So let’s get started with this first post…a primer on SNPs!

1. A Primer on SNPs from the NIH

2. 23 and me Video Tutorial about SNPs


3. University of Utah introduction to how Pharmaceuticals are influenced by SNPs

4. Human Genome Project SNP Fact Sheet

5. ‘s Making SNPs Make Sense Tutorial

6. Demystifying Genes: Your Child’s most Important Biochemistry

7. SNPedia database of SNPs definition page

8. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke- SIMPLE Explanation of SNP and Copy Number

9. Integrative Medicine Cleveland Clinic on SNP’s

Because single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can occur in any combination of the enzymes involved in these processes, some persons present with signs and symptoms of toxicity such as fatigue, neurologic complaints, and cancer whereas others with similar exposures do not present with any problems. Laboratory testing is currently available for gene panels that are involved in detoxification and biotransformation. Obtaining gene panels on our patients might help us determine this aspect of their risk for developing diseases related to detoxification.

10. Science Fair Project Tutorial on how to use Gene Database

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